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  1. Please stop using my posts, photos and recipes without my permission
    or I will have to report your site or copyright violation!
    Immediately delete all photos and recipes that are property of from your blog!!!!

  2. Hello - I see you have stolen my recipe, photos, and article for my Chocolate Lasagna post at Please remove this blog post immediately, or I will be forced to take legal action. I will also report you to Blogger and Pinterest. This is not a joke and I take stolen intellectual property very seriously. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  3. Hi there! We noticed that you improperly shared some of our blog content (recipe, photos and blog copy) and on Pinterest. We're reaching out to ask that you immediately remove the content from your site and take down all instances of the pins associated with this post as you are violating copyright.

    Here is the link to the post:

    Kindly respond to let us know that you've complied with our request.

    Kind regards,
    Jessica & Stacie
    The Real Food Dietitians

  4. Good evening. I was just informed by a reader that my photos have been used by this site {as well as my recipe} on this url, although it appears that you do reference back to my pin that is not how bloggers preform best practices. I have submitted a request for your pin to be removed for copyright infringement and although I do not have a problem with you using part of recipe on your site itself. I ask that you leave the directions empty with a back link to my site for the rest of the information, as it is my content. Thank you for your understanding on this manner, as this was a lot of hard work done by me. I will look back in a few days to be sure that I do not have to take further legal action. Thanks. June Dick, Practically Homemade

  5. Hi. This is not your picture, pin, or recipe. It is ours and you've stolen our property. Please remove this pin from Pinterest and the recipe from your blog. If it isn't removed by 5:00pm CST tomorrow, July 30, 2019, we will have our lawyer send you an invoice and he will report you to Pinterest and file a DMCA with Google. If you still don't remove the pin and this post on your blog we are prepared to file a lawsuit.
    Linda and Alex Meyer
    Cofounders of Veganosity

  6. You have used a recipe and photos of mine without my permission. This is a copyright infringement and I have reported your website to Google and your pins to Pinterest to be removed. This is regarding the Slow Cooker Skinny Vegetarian Chili, this belongs to Remove this recipe and photos ASAP from your website and remove all pins from Pinterest to avoid further legal action.

  7. Hello, You have improperly shared some of my blog content (recipe, photos and blog copy) here on this site and on Pinterest. Please immediately remove the content from your site and take down all instances of the pins associated as you are violating copyright. If this request is not completed by 5 pm October 31, 2019, I will be forced to take legal action.

  8. Hey! Despite you linking to my site, you copied and pasted the entire recipe and stole my copyrighted images AND made collages as if MY COPYRIGHTED images were your own and linked back to your site. Consider this your DCMA or I will file a formal legal complaint. I want this taken down within 24 hours.