White Chocolate Ting-a Lings #dessertrecipe #chocolatecake #cheesecake #cookiessimplerecipe

White Chocolate Ting-a Lings are one of our preferred occasion treats! Stacked with salty peanuts and crunchy chow mein noodles, at that point covered in white chocolate and embellished with red, green and white Christmas sprinkles, they're the ideal salty-sweet no-prepare treat. Otherwise called sheaves, insect treats, chow mein groups, and fowls home treats, when you attempt them you'll realize why they're the universally adored! Ideal for gifting, as well!

Contingent upon what your identity is and the amount you like being in the kitchen, that most likely sounds either astonishing… ..OR completely appalling. In any case, among breakfast and lunch together and Christmas tunes and great discussion, the day wound up feeling like a ton of fun… ..in spite of the way that it was a ton of work.

These White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings are not just delectable, they make the BEST occasion endowments! There's nothing superior to getting a major plate of hand crafted treats around the special seasons, and when they're so natural to make, there's nothing superior to giving them!

So which ones have I made previously? These White Chocolate Ting-a-Lings! (Also called piles, as per my companions who were everything except reluctant to call them ting-a-lings… ..) They are one of my untouched FAVORITE Christmas treats, made with salted peanuts, crunchy chow mein noodles, dissolved white chocolate, and sweet sprinkles.
White Chocolate Ting-a Lings #dessertrecipe #chocolatecake #cheesecake #cookiessimplerecipe
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  • 3 1/2 c. chow mein noodles
  • 2 1/2 c. salted cocktail peanuts
  • 32 oz. white chocolate candy coating I used Candiquik
  • candy sprinkles


  1. Mix chow mein noodles and peanuts in a large bowl.
  2. Melt white chocolate over low heat until smooth; pour over chow mein noodles and peanuts and mix well.
  3. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper; top with candy sprinkles.
  4. Cool completely and store at room temperature.

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