Easy Citrus Strawberry Mocktail Recipe #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie

This citrus strawberry mocktail formula is the ideal reviving summer drink! It's extraordinary for gatherings, child showers where you need simple mocktails for your visitors, and truly whenever you need something smooth, citrusy, and invigorating! It's a standout amongst other mocktail plans out there!

So I don't drink liquor – never have and never will. Be that as it may, I truly like a decent fruity or claim to fame drink. I request them wherever I go and my significant other even knows to take a gander at the menu for a strength drink on the off chance that he arrives before I do.

You could state I'm a mocktail devotee or only a sucker for a decent drink that is an option that is other than lemonade (except if it's this Brazilian lemonade) or pop.

I practically drank the majority of the forte beverages in Disneyland (and there a great deal) doing research for my best Disneyland nourishment post!

I've attempted a great deal of mocktails in the previous ten years including probably the best I've at any point had in Phoenix. Truth be told, drinking mocktails even made my top activities in Phoenix list!

I likewise love re-making the mocktails I attempt at home. This strawberry citrus mocktail is as yet one of my preferred flavor blends ever!
Easy Citrus Strawberry Mocktail Recipe #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie
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  • For the Strawberry Simple Syrup
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup strawberries , chopped and pulsed in the blender
  • For the Mocktail
  • 1 TBS strawberry simple syrup
  • 1 cup lemon-lime soda
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • 1 TBS macerated strawberries optional


  1. For the Simple Syrup
  2. Mix sugar, water, and strawberries together in a pot.
  3. Heat over medium heat until boiling.
  4. Mix together while boiling until sugar is completely dissolved.
  5. Pour mixture through a fine mesh strainer to strain liquid syrup from leftover strawberries. If you'd like to add additional flavor to the citrus strawberry mocktail, you can put some of the leftover strawberry mixture into the drink.
  6. For the mocktail
  7. Mix strawberry simple syrup, lemon-lime soda, lime juice, and macerated strawberries together for the ultimate citrus mocktail!

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