Non Alcoholic Apple Cider Mimosa #drinks #non-alcoholic

Two ingredients, simplest, fastest and therefore the best mimosa formula to form a tremendous brunch drink! It’s a healthy, non-alcoholic drink. And, it doesn't contain more sugar.

This best mimosa formula is our new found favorite drink. I even have created it a lot of times since I 1st tried it. And why do I keep occupation it the most effective mimosa? to understand the solution you have got to form it yourself. i'm positive you'll accept as true with American state on this one.

You can conjointly use store brought fruit juice but, the contemporary one tastes far better because it isn't processed and free from plenty of preservatives. this subject of fruit juice is extremely getting ready to my heart. Why? as a result of before beginning my Ph.D., I accustomed work for a company wherever i used to be accountable of fitting a citrus juice plant. once operating thus arduous on this one the lesson learnt is “squeeze your orange yourself”.
Non Alcoholic Apple Cider Mimosa #drinks #non-alcoholic
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  • 1/2 cup fresh orange juice (chilled)
  • 1/2 cup sparkling apple cider (chilled)


  1. Slightly tilt Champagne flute and slowly pour chilled sparkling apple cider. Wait for few seconds for the bubbles to disappear on the top.
  2. Then slowly pour chilled fresh orange juice. 

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