Salty Dog #cocktailrecipe #drinks

I had my 1st Salty Dog last month whereas eating out with some neighbors at The Chart space, situated on Cape Cod in Cataumet, Massachusetts. it had been the primary heat weekend of the summer, and this eating place – a favourite of each locals and tourists – may be a good spot to require in some beautiful sunsets commanding Red Brook Harbor, and a good place to get pleasure from some delicious, contemporary food and cocktails on the terrace.

If you recognize your cocktails, a Salty Dog is really a variation of a “Greyhound” cocktail, simply with a preserved rim – and that’s however the Salty Dog got its name! the normal proportions for this cocktail ar two elements hard liquor or gin, to three elements fruit juice – that i'll warn you – will create a reasonably sturdy drink! be happy to extend the fruit juice if (like me) you like a less ‘stiff’ drink. 😉 Cheers!
Salty Dog #cocktailrecipe #drinks
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  • Coarse kosher salt
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 parts vodka (or gin)
  • 3 parts freshly squeeze ruby red grapefruit juice
  • Slices of grapefruit, cut into quarters for garnish


  1. Pour kosher salt onto a small, flat plate. Wet the rims of a highball glass (we use edge of the slices of grapefruit that we cut for garnishing), then gently dip the rim of the glass in the plate of salt – spinning slightly to coat the rim with salt.
  2. Carefully fill the glass with ice cubes – being careful not to knock the salt off the rim of the glass.
  3. Pour 2 parts vodka and 3 parts grapefruit juice over the ice. Stir gently to combine and serve.

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