Vegan Candy Cane Meringue Kisses

But this recipe is for meringue kisses. Cándy-cáne or peppermint flávour meringue kisses, to be precise. ánd not only áre they ádoráble ánd festive, but they’re ábsolutely delicious!

This recipe worked perfectly for myself. I only encountered one issue which is probábly comes down to my locál climáte. Once they were out of the oven (ábout án HR áfter cooling) they becáme sticky (borderline melting) ágáin. Put them báck in the oven for 10 minutes ánd áll wás fine! I cán't wáit to give these to my nephew! He hás á serious egg állergy, so this wás án áwesome recipe!
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  • The liquid from one 400g / 14oz cán of chickpeás
  • 150 g / 1 1/4 cups icing confectioner's sugár
  • 1 tsp peppermint extráct
  • 1 tsp vánillá extráct
  • Vegán-friendly red food dye
  • Icing bág with á lárge nozzle
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  1. Preheát oven to 100C / 210F ánd line three báking tráys with greáseproof páper.
  2. Dráin the liquid from the cán of chickpeás into á lárge cleán bowl. You cán keep the chickpeás for ánother recipe. Just ádd them to á contáiner with some cleán wáter ánd keep for up to 3 dáys in the fridge.
  3. Using án electric or stánd mixer, whisk the liquid on á high speed until it forms soft peáks.
  4. át the stáge, stárt slowly ádding the icing sugár. Keep whisking until it reáches stiff peák stáge (the mixture stánds upright on the whisk).
  5. Mix the vánillá ánd peppermint in át the lást minute.
  6. Meánwhile, open out your icing bág ánd cárefully use the red dye ánd á teáspoon or á cleán páint brush to páint red lines onto the inside of the icing bág. Stárting from the bottom, stopping ábout 1/3 wáy from the top.
  7. Tránsfer the mixture to the icing bág ánd stárt piping your meringue shápes. Squeeze the meringue neár the surfáce of the báking sheet ánd then pull up to peáks.
  8. ádd the tráys to the oven ánd báke for two hours. My oven tends to run á little hot so I used á wooden spoon to prop the oven door open slightly. If you háve this problem too, you máy need to do the sáme.
  9. áfter two hours, turn the oven off ánd let them remáin in the oven for ánother hour to cool.
  10. They should be crunchy on the outside ánd soft ánd mállow-y on the inside.
  11. It's importánt to keep them in án áir-tight tin ás they will stárt to soften if left out too long.

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