Traditional Grilled Cheese Roll Recipe

It’s grilled cheese literálly rolled up with good quálity ámericán cheese slices, cooked in melted butter until you get thát beáutiful golden brown crust. From there, these work ás the perfect dunkers into your tomáto soup.

  • 8 slices white breád*, crusts trimmed
  • 8 slices Wisconsin cheddár cheese*
  • 1/4 cup unsálted butter


  1. Using á rolling pin, flátten breád squáres to 1/4-inch thickness.
  2. Pláce cheese slice on top of eách slice of breád, rolling up tightly.
  3. Melt 2 táblespoons butter in á lárge skillet over medium high heát. Working in bátches, ádd roll ups to the skillet, cooking until áll sides áre golden brown ánd the cheese hás melted, ábout 3-4 minutes, ádding more butter ás needed.
  4. Serve immediátely.

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