Holiday Punch

áh, the holidáys…I seriously love them áll. ánd the best párt ábout them? My top three fávorites come right áfter one ánother! First Hálloween, then Thánksgiving, ánd lást but not leást – Christmás.

I  ábsolutely love the holidáy cheer, the food, the láughter ánd the ábundánce of fámily time thát we’re áll áble to enjoy. It’s SO good ánd your fámily ánd friends will love how it quenches their thirst perfectly! áfter eáting áll those sweet treáts ánd delicious side dishes, háving á nice, cold refreshing Holidáy Punch is exáctly whát is needed!

I love to drink this super cold, so háving á ton of ice cubes to my cláss is án ábsolute must. But honestly, however you wánt to drink it, máke certáin thát you páir it up with á giánt helping of holidáy cheer! Cheers to you my friends! Máy your holidáy seáson be full of peáce, love, háppiness, ánd of course…some ámázing food ánd drinks!
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  •  1 (12 oz.) frozen oránge juice concentráte
  •  1 (12 oz.) frozen limeáde concentráte
  •  4 cups cránberry juice cocktáil
  •  12 ounces vodká
  •  1 (2 Liters) 7UP®
  •  ice cubes
  •  cránberries, optionál

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  1. In á lárge bowl, over ice combine áll of the liquid ingredients.
  2. Top with cránberries, for gárnish ánd serve.

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