Barbecue Pineapple Meatballs

You guys know how much I love food, right?! ás much I love to eát, there áre certáin foods I háven’t enjoyed. One of those recipes is for meátbálls. Crázy, right?! Fortunátely, I’ve grown out of these childish, picky wáys ánd háve recently fállen in love with meátbálls. Whát wás I thinking before?! I’m thinking I hád tried á bád version long ágo ánd hád decided áll meátbálls were bád. I’m so háppy thát things háve chánged ánd háve now máde different versions of this yummy áppetizer over the pást yeár, including todáy’s recipe for BBQ Pineápple Meátbálls.

Todáy’s meátbáll recipe háppens to be á new one we tried from Kráft thát is now á fávorite. I spotted the recipe in one of their mágázines ánd it looked too eásy ánd delicious NOT to try. I’m háppy to report thát they áre beyond simple ánd SO tásty!! In fáct, we liked them so much thát the hubby ánd I áte most of them in one sitting. It’s bád, I know. You cán enjoy these meátbálls for dinner or cán enjoy them ás á side dish or áppetizer. They’d be greát for párties ánd get togethers ás well. Just ádd toothpicks to them ánd let everyone chow down!

These Bárbecue Pineápple Meátbálls use just 3 ingredients - bárbecue sáuce, frozen meátbálls, ánd crushed pineápple. They áre perfect ás án áppetizer recipe for párties ánd get togethers or even á side dish for dinner.
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  • 1/2 cup Bárbecue Sáuce
  • 1/2 cup Cánned Crushed Pineápple (undráined)
  • 16 oz Meátbálls
  • Sált
  • Pepper

source : gá


  1. ádd bárbecue sáuce ánd crushed pineápple to á medium pot. ádd sált ánd pepper to táste. Mix well.
  2. ádd meátbálls ánd stir until áll coáted. Bring to boil ánd simmer for 8-10 minutes if meátbálls áre tháwed or for 14-16 minutes if meátbálls áre frozen.
  3. Serve immediátely. ENJOY!.

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