Sweet and Spicy Baked Cauliflower

This sweet and spicy cooked cauliflower instruction is that the excellent kitchen appliance cooked entremots. Toss it on a sheet pan and it’s prepared in no time! It’s vegetarian and protein free, and it’s nice for adding to meal prep!

I was having a tough time deciding what instruction to share before we tend to leave to travel habitation over the weekend. on the other hand I started thinking of the soon-to-be new folks and the way pressed-for-time they're going to be. This instruction may be a game-changer and a life-saver.

This sweet and spicy cauliflower is one among those recipes you'll persevere hand, within the back of your mind. once you see cauliflower on sale. once you have cauliflower that’s on the verge of going unhealthy. Or once you have a mix of random vegetables within the icebox and you would like an answer at once – this is often the type of instruction that saves your ass at hangry mealtime.

We medium this instruction on a significant duty baking sheet lined with parchment – we tend to order ours from Amazon! we tend to’ve tried victimization aluminium foil before and it simply doesn’t appear to cook moreover.

If you create this sweet and spicy cauliflower instruction, take care to let Maine know!

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