Hey there, friends! I’m back these days with another straightforward and altogether delicious direction. I’m perpetually searching for straightforward nonetheless flavorsome party snacks, and these mini grilled cheese sandwiches ar a winner.

I used 2 totally different cheeses in my sandwiches. Since there ar solely 2 main ingredients, bread and cheese, you would like to use the great stuff. For these, I’m mistreatment Cracker Barrel Sharp store cheese and Kerrygold’s Dubliner. after I created my Pumpkin waterproof and Cheese, I discovered that these 2 work well along therefore I knew the mix would even be excellent for sandwiches.

For the soup, you'll definitely build your own. However, I simply picked up a very thick and hearty premade tomato basil soup.

And that’s it. i actually love these as AN course as a result of they're classic food. Plus, they're not to a fault fancy, and you'll still build them look extremely special and stylish. Below ar one or two ideas.

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